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Boro Soccer Schools main aim is to progress as many children possible into grassroot junior football Clubs and enjoy the social and physical benefits that come with playing in a team. Over the last 10 years we have set up more than 150 teams for local clubs such as Kader, Cleveland Juniors, Whinney Banks FC, Acklam FC, Coulby Newham Juniors, Boro Rangers FC, East Middlesbrough FC, Beechwood, South Park Rangers, Prissick Rovers, Riverside Juniors, North Ormesby Juniors and Normanby FC. In 2015 / 2016 alone we have produced a further 48 teams to progress into the TJFA.

We are aware that many clubs are ran by volunteers who don't have the time or the personnel within their club to run their own club soccer schools and therefore continuously struggle each season to find new players and volunteers to keep producing teams. The 3 to 6 year old section is also a very hard age to coach and keep children engaged with football that many experienced coaches / players struggle to adapt to. If your club is in this situation and you don't have the time or skills within the club to bring the younger teams through then Boro Soccer Schools feeder club program may be of use to you.

The Feeder Club service we provide for local clubs is as follows -

  1. Create new squads for clubs to progress into the TJFA by identifying players from the weekly session program.
  2. Find, train and develop new volunteer managers to take on the teams
  3. Educate parents on the Respect program and implement strict codes of conducts
  4. Provide professional coaching for the team in the first 2 seasons while the new volunteer manager settles in
  5. Find, train and develop team secretaries to volunteer to do the teams admin 

The process -

Boro Soccer Schools will identify new players from the weekly sessions to launch a new team under the clubs name to progress into the TJFA.

For the first 2 playing seasons they will play their home games at Middlesbrough Sports Village and will go through our Team Development Program. The teams will be under the control of Everyone Active both organisationally and financially during this 24 month period. 

After playing at the Sports Village for 2 full seasons the team will then move to the clubs home ground and the club will take over the team both organisationally and financially in the September of their 3rd playing season once the team is established

Any local charter standard junior club can become a Boro Soccer Schools feeder club and the cost to clubs to receive this service is free however clubs must adhere to following terms and conditions - 

  1. Don't run their own Club Soccer Schools*

  2. Dont run School Holiday Soccer Camps
  3. Don't refer players / advertise any other Soccer Schools other than BSS

* Free Club Soccer Schools for ages 7+ are permitted

Feeder clubs must actively be seen to be doing the following -

  1. Advertising Boro Soccer Schools Sessions / Holiday camps through the clubs website, social media and members
  2. Referring any 3 to 6 year old players to Boro Soccer Schools sessions

If a player is referred to Boro Soccer Schools by your club please make us aware of their name and we will ensure this child is placed back with your club when launching the teams. Clubs who obviously refer more players each season will then receive more teams. If we receive no referrals then we will still be able to produce a team for the club as long as the club have not been competing with our program.

To become a feeder club please leave your details in the box below and we will be in contact to arrange a meeting to discuss further.

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